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Unique and Edible Wedding Favours Your Guest Will Actually Keep


When it comes to wedding favours, I always tell my couples to go with something that’s either edible or practical. (Let’s all just admit it; none of us really needs another dip bowl!) From bottled wine, olive oil and coffee or tea to potted plants, seedlings and even charitable donations, a wedding favour that’s both meaningful to you and useful to your guests will leave them smiling, instead of wondering where they’ll fit this latest decorative sculpture.
So, when it comes to wedding favours that are thoughtful as well as practical, here are some of our top picks:
Eat, Drink & Be Married (Bottled Wine)
Wine is always a winner, and while store-bought wine would be an extremely expensive favour, bottling your own wine is far more affordable. The bottling process can also be a great deal of fun and an enjoyable event for the two of you (or better yet, get the entire bridal party involved!) Not to mention the fact that most do-it-yourself bottling companies offer customizable foil caps, labels and bottle tags, all of which make it easy and fun to personalize your favours. (This is one more great use for those engagement photos!)
Watch Our Love Grow (Potted Plants)
A living favour that will continue to grow long after your wedding day isn’t just a perfect embodiment for your marriage, it’s also something many guests will be happy to add to their homes! Particularly well-suited for a spring or summer wedding, these adorable little favours have become really popular this year, with succulents being a top fav of ours (potted herbs and seedlings came in as a close second!) Potted plants can also serve double-duty as seat-markers, since there are all kinds of ways to use them as displays for name tags and table numbers.
In Your Honour (Charitable Donations)
Although it may not mean that your guests will go home with something tucked under their arms, a donation made in their honour to a worthy cause is always tasteful. (Meanwhile, a decorative candleholder or glass figurine may not suite everyone’s tastes.) A donation card placed at each table setting (along with a small gift, like a chocolate) can be used to thank each guest for attending your special day, and to let them know that their presence has helped you lend support to an effort that is near and dear to your heart.

Happy Planning!

Filomena & Larissa

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